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Donor-Funded Projects Auditing is a critical aspect of our work that ensures transparency and accountability in projects and programs supported by international donors and aid organizations. Our audits ascertain that donor funds are utilized in strict accordance with donor agreements and that the projects achieve their intended goals and outcomes.

We leave no room for mismanagement or misuse of donor funds. Our auditors meticulously review every aspect of donor-funded projects, from financial transactions to project implementation, to ensure that funds are used efficiently and effectively. We work closely with project managers and aid organizations to provide constructive feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Our commitment to transparency extends to our relationships with international donors. By upholding the highest standards of accountability in the utilization of external financial support, we foster trust and responsible development initiatives within Somalia. We serve as guardians of donor funds, ensuring that they are channelled toward projects that deliver tangible benefits to the Somali people.

Donor-Funded Projects Auditing is a testament to our commitment to responsible financial management and our dedication to ensuring that international aid makes a meaningful impact on the development of Somalia.


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Financial Year Donor-Funded Projects Audit Reports