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Forensic auditing is the investigative arm of our services, employed to uncover financial irregularities, fraud, or misconduct within government entities. Our highly skilled forensic auditors employ a combination of financial analysis, data examination, and investigative techniques to gather evidence, identify wrongdoers, and support legal action when necessary.

Our objective in forensic auditing is to maintain the highest standards of ethics and accountability within Somalia’s financial landscape. We leave no room for fraudulent activities or financial misconduct to go undetected. Our work serves as a deterrent against unethical behavior and sends a clear message that accountability is non-negotiable.

Forensic auditing plays a critical role in protecting public resources and ensuring that those who engage in financial wrongdoing are held accountable for their actions. We work closely with law enforcement agencies to support legal proceedings and bring wrongdoers to justice.

Our commitment to ethical financial management is unwavering, and forensic auditing is a powerful tool in preserving the integrity of Somalia’s financial landscape.


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Financial Year Forensic Audit Reports