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Step into the realm of governance, transparency, and accountability through our magazine—a rich resource offering a diverse range of publications. Dive into insightful content, including audit revelations, case studies, and in-depth articles that illuminate our impactful work.

What Our Magazine Encompasses

Audit Insights: Gain valuable perspectives on audit processes and findings driving transparency and accountability.

Governance Highlights: Stay abreast of the latest developments, events, and initiatives shaping governance in Somalia.

Success Stories: Explore real-world examples showcasing how our audits bring about meaningful improvements in public services and accountability.

Expert Opinions: Read thought-provoking articles from seasoned professionals, offering insights into crucial topics within our field.

Our magazine is a pivotal resource for those intrigued by our work and its impact on Somalia’s governance landscape. Download your copy now to stay well-informed and engaged. Embark on a journey with us through our magazine, solidifying your commitment to making a positive difference in Somalia’s governance. Explore today!

October 2023 - Newsletter

October 2023 - Newsletter

October 2023 - Newsletter