Our History

The beginning

The Office of Auditor General  was established in the early 1960s. In the first years, there was few staff and low quality of the audits. When the revolution appeared in 1969.


Magistrate of Account with a new law

the OAGS was rearranged as a Magistrate of Account with a new law (no. 34 of 14/04/1972). This led to several improvements and tangible outcomes.


Transitional Constitution

In 2012, the Transitional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia established the principle of an independent OAGS.


Somalia National Development Plan

Somalia National Development Plan 2017-19. In chapter 6.6.2 on External Audit and Control, it is stated that measures will be taken to increase the independence and capacity of the external audit office. One strategy mentioned to achieve this aim is INTOSAI involvement and twinning arrangement with INTOSAI institutions.

What We Do

We do audit Federal government entity includes all funds ministries, departments, agencies(MDAs), independent bodies, business enterprises owned by the government such universities, Federal health authorities.