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Program evaluation auditing is dedicated to scrutinizing the effectiveness of government programs in achieving their intended objectives. Our auditors assess program design, implementation, and impact to determine whether public resources are being used efficiently and achieving the desired outcomes.

We go beyond financial metrics to evaluate the overall performance and impact of government initiatives. Our assessments are comprehensive, taking into account the unique challenges and goals of each program. We seek to ensure that government programs are not only well-intentioned but also effectively executed to benefit the Somali people.

Our recommendations are rooted in a desire for improved governance and public service delivery. We work collaboratively with government agencies to implement changes that enhance the impact and efficiency of programs, ultimately improving the quality of life for the people of Somalia.

Program evaluation auditing is a key driver of accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement within government operations, ensuring that public resources are directed toward initiatives that make a meaningful difference in the lives of citizens.


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Financial Year Program Evaluation Audit Reports