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Special audit reports are issued after inspecting the financial records of an auditee, often before or after the usual annual audit. These special audits play a crucial role in identifying potential areas of weakness or mismanagement within government entities. The audits focus on specialized areas of government operations, examining complex financial instruments for inefficiencies. They provide valuable insights for improved governance and demonstrate the importance of comprehensive oversight. The recommendations in these reports serve as a roadmap for implementing necessary reforms and ensuring transparency and accountability in the financial operations of auditees

Report Title Specialized Audit Reports
Special Audit Report on Foreign Embassies of Somalia - 2023Download
Warbixinta Baarista Gaarka ah ee Safaaradaha Somalia - 2023 Download
Cabinet Internal Procedures Review - 2021 Download
COVID-19 Procurement Contracts Audit - 2021Download
Special Audit Report On The Management of Fisheries - 2018 Download
Special Audit Report on COVID-19 - 2020Download