The Auditor General of Somalia Champions a Collaborative Approach Towards National Asset Management:

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Mogadishu, August 20, 2023 – In a relentless move toward improving the management of public assets in Somalia, H.E Avv. Ahmed Isse Gutale, the Auditor-General of the Federal Republic of Somalia, convened a virtual meeting with the Federal Member States’ Auditor Generals (FMS-AGs). The meeting served as a platform to discuss recent advancements and express gratitude following the release of the 2022 audit reports.

The Auditor General underscored the pivotal role of collaboration and cooperation among government institutions in effective public asset management. He said, “The different levels of government must work together to address the challenges highlighted in the audit reports. This includes taking necessary steps to protect and utilize national assets such as land and infrastructure.”

During his remarks, Auditor General Gutale emphasized the need for establishing transparent processes and regulations governing state asset management at the federal and regional levels. He also called for comprehensive reviews of the legal frameworks that underpin asset management.

AG Gutale expressed his satisfaction with the progress made in implementing the recommendations from the audit reports. He commended the cooperation and commitment exhibited by government officials and encouraged relevant parties to continue their efforts to enhance transparency and accountability in matters related to asset management.

The Auditor General expressed optimism regarding ongoing initiatives to strengthen cooperation between the office of the Auditor General of Somalia (OAGS) and Federal Member States’ Auditor Generals (FMS OAGs). This collaborative effort, focusing on managing public assets, highlights the paramount importance of safeguarding national interests and preserving public resources for the collective welfare of all citizens.

This meeting serves as a clear demonstration of the unwavering commitment of the Auditor General’s Office to advancing transparency, accountability, and responsible governance in Somalia. As collaborative efforts continue, it is anticipated that Somalia’s public asset management will see further improvements, thus contributing to the nation’s development and prosperity.

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